Are you an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker or someone that uses wonderful songs that convey a message to get a point across?

Have you ever thought:

“Wow, wouldn’t it be great if I had my own song to play, instead of someone else’s?”

Well now you can.

Pricing Plans

Silver Package Signature Song $4997 Vocals & guitar or piano. Signature Video Option $1297

Gold Package Signature Song $7997 Full Production by fiZ

Platinum Package Signature Song $10,000 – $50,000 Full Production with Grammy Award Winning Producer

I will help you “Position yourself” and “Lock in your brand” with YOUR “Signature Song”!

tony3big Audio Sample “This Is It”:
Hello, my name is fiZ I am a Professional Singer/Songwriter. My music has been on TV as well as the Billboard Charts. I sing, play guitar, piano and write HITS! I teamed up with GRAMMY AWARD WINNING PRODUCER Bob Stander on the fiZ CD which released fiZ hits “This Is It”, “Anything” & more! Now it’s time for me to write and record YOUR HIT SONG!

What will this do for you?

  • Help lock in your brand with YOUR “Signature Song”
  • Give you instant credibility when you walk out on stage
  • Have your audience singing YOUR song

What can you do with your song?

  • Use it at your Speaking Events
  • Use it on your website
  • Play it on your radio show
  • Use it when you post YouTube or any social media outlet…
  • Use it EVERYWHERE…it’s YOUR song!

And best of all, imagine the legacy you will leave for your loved ones! A timeless gift of love

Listen, I know this might seem like a lot of money to record a song, but let me fill you in on the facts.

It costs Major Label Acts thousands, sometimes into the MILLIONS to record a Hit Album. Let me show you the breakdown so you can see what an AMAZING DEAL this is!

Here is a typical breakdown of what Major Record Labels pay out:

  • Recording costs: $100,000 – $300,000
  • Mechanicals: $120,000
  • Non-recoupable marketing: $600,000
  • Manufacturing and Distribution: $330,000
  • Total label expenses: $1,350,000

Obviously, you are not a Major Label, so you don’t have all those expenses, but we can reference the recording costs. So let’s say you recorded your Major Label album with a Grammy Award Winning Producer for $100,000. The average amount of songs on an album is about ten songs. So if we divide $100,000 by ten, we can see…

It normally costs $10,000 to record a song.

I can tell you that I invested more per song for the fiZ CD than what you are investing to have your “Signature Song”. And I wrote my own music! So now let’s factor in hiring a ‘Hit Songwriter’. What is that worth? There are songwriters out there that I’ve seen offer their services for $10,000 and above! And I can tell you most of them are not on my level when it comes to writing deep, catchy, hit songs that inspire and touch people’s souls.

tony11big Audio Sample “Anything”:

If I seem like I’m coming across a little strong, and you’re thinking that it’s relative to what people like and you really can’t compare songwriters, I’m here to tell you that’s BULLDINKY! Is a Hyundai Accent on the same level as a Lamborghini Gallardo? Can you compare a four year old’s finger-painting to daVinci’s “Last Supper”? Of course! There are different levels when it comes to Art.

Songwriting is a craft that requires years of hard work and discipline to Master.

It was never my intention to be a good songwriter. It was my intention to be an AMAZING SONGWRITER! And now I see your eyes rolling, right? You must be thinking, “Man this guy is really full of himself”. Well I can tell you this. It’s takes great confidence and a bit of a Rock-edge attitude if you want to achieve what I’m focused on. Here’s THE TRUTH. I am really a very down to Earth guy. I care very much about what I do. I LOVE what I do, and I ALWAYS DO MY BEST! I also care about others. And I love to give people more than they expect.

When you hire me to write YOUR song, you and I are going to work one on one. I am going to get to know you and your needs.

Listen, I’m not only a great songwriter, I also have the ability to tune into others and see who they are, what they want, need and desire. I will tune into YOU, so that the world can hear YOUR “Signature Song.” Whether it’s for your company, your family, a special event. Whatever it is, I am going to deliver to you a TIMELESS song that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Don’t be left in the crowd. It’s YOUR time to shine! Do it right here and RIGHT NOW!

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